New online resource for wine exporters to Asia

Wine commentator and author Jeremy Oliver has teamed with David Thomas and Andrew Stark to create Asia Wine Hub (, an information-based online wine resource for Australian wine brand owners seeking to develop enduring marketing strategies across the entire Asia Pacific region.

David Thomas has more than 30 years’ experience working within Asia, helping Australian businesses develop export markets. Thomas told Food & Drink Business the current difficulties between Australia and China mean wine brand owners are looking to other opportunities and countries in the Asia region.

Thomas said: “It is one thing to have such an ambition but another entirely to understand how to create and implement long-term plans likely to succeed across a range of such patently different market characteristics and market entry conditions.”

Oliver said was a concept that would enable wine brand owners to access the personal experiences of the trio and their networks in trade, media and Government circles.

“With our insight and understanding of a wide range of Asian markets, we can devise strategies, create commercial relationships, facilitate marketing programs and advise on key aspects such as market entry strategies, supply chain and logistics, risk evaluation and in-market regulatory requirements,” Oliver said.

The company works with a wide range of top-level distributors across the various Asian wine markets to provide valuable and granular information for wine brand owners and to help deliver meaningful and sustainable long-term outcomes.

While Thomas is an expert on business in China and Asia, Stark’s experience is in building international brands and supply chain operations. He has promoted Australian wine in mainland China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Malaysia. Oliver has been listed as one of the World’s Top 20 Wine Critics and was the first westerner to publish a wine book for China in its own language and an Australian wine guide to be published in Chinese.

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