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We empower Australian winemakers to connect with Asian consumers by providing the tools, knowledge and expertise based on years of experience.

Jeremy Oliver

Jeremy Oliver is one of Australia’s foremost wine writers and presenters, and its most influential wine presence throughout Asia. He is a widely read and fully independent wine commentator whose words are published in several countries and languages. In 2018 he was listed amongst the Top 20 Wine Critics of the World by tastingroom.com and the BWW Awards. He is also rated amongst the Top 100 international palates by Sopexa. In late 2005 he was named the inaugural Wine Writer of the Year by the widely circulated Australian Wine Selector magazine.


With the publication of Enjoy Wine with Jeremy in Mandarin in 2008, Jeremy became the first western wine critic to create and publish a book in China especially for the Chinese audience. He is the first major Australian wine KOL in China, with six books published in Chinese, more than any other western wine critic. He is a pioneer of online infotainment TV for wine in China and the first writer of an Australian wine guide to be published in Chinese.

Andrew StarK

Experienced General Manager with a demonstrated track record in Liquor marketing, sales and strategy. A proven team leader with strong change management skills that deliver business improvement and a strong understanding of building brands internationally, coupled with a depth of experience in the operations and supply chain functions. In addition, Andrew has considerable expertise in managing large scale business change projects, as well as process improvement initiatives.


Andrew has also served in a number of industry advisory groups, has served as a board member for the Drinks Association and as a Council member for Alcoholic Beverages Association, as well as membership of Wine Australia’s Marketing Advisory Group and Insights Advisory Group.

Andrew StarK

David Thomas

Keynote speaker, thought leader and entrepreneur, David Thomas equips business leaders with the knowledge and tools to navigate the cross-cultural challenges involved in doing business in Asia Pacific and helps them develop their own strategy for success in the region. He is well known in Australia as a ‘China Expert’ with a wealth of experience in financial services, business and investment, having lived and worked in London, Hong Kong and Sydney.


Over the past thirty years, he has inspired, motivated and educated global business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to pay attention to the massive growth potential offered by modern China and other Asian countries and taken them on a journey to identify and build long-term business and investment relationships

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